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Written by best-selling author Eugene N. Nwosu, this book can become your life’s guidebook—it will enable you to gain a sense of awareness that fulfillment, joy and happiness come from living a life of creative and unique purpose. Nwosu’s vision is brilliant and his book laid out in simple, easy to read, yet immensely powerful language. It is an extraordinary blend of Eastern and Western philosophies fused with scientific fact.


Its teachings are inspired by great leaders, past and present, such as Gandhi, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Einstein, to name a few. Nwosu’s concept is phenomenal and you will grasp the knowledge of tapping into the omnipotent and ever-present universal divine energy to create the life you want and the life you deserve. In doing so, you will be successful in your personal life, your professional life and your spiritual life.



Cut Your Own Firewood

This book is an education in the universal truth that all have the power to believe, choose and succeed. Written in plain straightforward language, it helps readers to activate this power to reach chosen goals.


Each chapter is designed to be read over the course of a month with exercise notes to record monthly challenges and achievements. Keeping records helps readers plan and achieve, set new challenges and expand their creative consciousness. This self development is the primary moulder of achievement.




Praise for Eugene Nwosu’s bestseller, Cut Your Own Firewood

– The Ultimate Power to Succeed


I read your book "Cut Your Own Firewood" at the library, and then spent five years tracking down my own copy. It had a transformational effect on me at a time when I had many challenges to overcome. Though I don't often keep books after I have read them, I have carried your book with me through many moves. Thank you!

Jessica Coleman, CA, U.S.A.


“Sparking the will to succeed - a guide to positive thinking...”

The Irish Times


“Perhaps more than many would-be gurus, Eugene is living testimony to the power of his own philosophy - that positive thinking can change our lives for the better.”

Books Ireland


“...A very useful distillation of the key concepts and associated programmes for self-development.”

Terry Sadler, ANP international Finance


“Tapping Nature's Abundant Energy” ... “Nwosu has... supported the assertion that nothing is impossible under the sun. So let those who want to achieve get a copy of his book as a good companion”

THISDAY Newspaper


“A very dynamic and comprehensive book... It is quite the best self help /motivational book I have seen. An inspired work in many ways”

Kate Davis


“A powerful and successful set of instructions for everyone who wants to make more of their lives”

Graham Almond


"Eugene harnesses and applies common-sense strategies as the ultimate power to succeed"


CNN Online


"Eugene teaches the tapping of natures abundant resources as the ultimate power to succeed"


The Irish Sunday Business Post


“Tale of success - the extraordinary faith and self belief which are the distinguishing characteristics of success"

The Irish Examiner


“ excellent aid for people to manifest their purpose in life and assist others to do likewise.”

Brendan J. Dalton

International Irish Success Network


“...A strong message for a wide audience”

Michael F Bradley

Ulster Bank


“This is the best book I have come across.”

Michael Kelly, Roscommon, Ireland

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