Unlocking and enhancing leadership potential and excellence in people and organisations.

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In our undertakings, we offer time-tested and proven, common sense, simple and effective methods and tools for personal, professional, team and organization excellence and effectiveness.


Our programmes are designed and setout to unlock and unleash innate potentials, uplift, inspires, motivate, encourage and significantly make positive difference in personal, professional, team, and organizational performance and results.


Over all, our work is a catalyst for the expansion of positive, dynamic and creative consciousness.


You will learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others.  We appreciate your awareness that continuous learning is not just an option; but it is the only way of staying competitive in the obvious world of constant change.


We understand that most of the “learning” out there might be boring, irrelevant, academic, or never implemented.  That will not happen with our programmes.  You can expect a programme that moves hearts and minds, inside out, and moves people into action.


We back up and guarantee our programmes with an authenticated and autographed copy by our CEO of two of his international bestselling books in the field of Human (Personal, Professional, and Leadership) Development; “Cut Your Own Firewood – The Ultimate Power to Succeed (1998 and 2006)” and “Optimal Edge (2008).” In addition, we guarantee our programmes with 6 months dedicated monthly online mentoring and coaching follow up.


We welcome Corporate Organisations, All Tier of Government Agencies, NGOs, Professional Organisations, Teams, Personal and Professional meeting planners who may want us to create a unique programme or “customize” a title to reflect the theme of their meeting, convention, seminar or retreat.  We will discuss your event, meeting, retreat, your people, and your objectives to make sure everything is right on target.

Human Development and

Leadership Success Coaching

Strategic Tools for

Optimum Performance


Extraordinary Leadership Edge

and Business Success


Paradigm Shift for

Accelerated Growth

and Development

Personal Development


  • Understanding Success

  • Positive, Attitude & Possibility Thinking

  • Desire, Believe & Decision

  • Self-Concept & Self-Confidence

  • Attracting Success

  • Steps to Success

  • Turning Nothing into Something

  • Keys to Personal Development

  • Refining Your Personal Development

  • Purpose & Potential

  • Dream Big Dreams

  • Goals Setting

  • Overcoming obstacles & Persistence

  • Self-Responsibility

  • Asking & Receiving

  • Overcoming Failure, Fear & Worry

  • Self-Fulfillment & Happiness

  • Affirmations

  • Exercises and Notes

Professional & Business Development


  • Knowing What You Want

  • Putting First Things First

  • Learning All You Can

  • Doing Whatever It Takes

  • Learning From Your Failures

  • Fulfilling Your Potential

  • Education & Knowledge

  • Competence & Excellence

  • Management

  • Work & Career

  • Time Management

  • Selling

  • Customer Service

  • Climbing the Economic Ladder

  • Financial Independence

  • O P T I M I S M

  • L U C K

  • Peak Performance & Success

  • Lifestyles – Life – Work – Balance

  • Exercise and Notes

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  • Exceptional Leadership in Action

  • The Ultimate Test of Leadership

  • Leading From the Front

  • Fundamentals of Effective Leadership

  • Leadership Synergy

  • Superior Human Relations

  • Influence & Association

  • Mentoring

  • Increasing the Asset Value of Your Human Capital

  • Important Individual Skills

  • Leadership cornerstones

  • Purposeful Leadership – Focused, Self-Direction

  • The Habits of Excellence

  • Steps for Building a Winning Team

  • The Organizational Edge

  • Character Creed

  • Leadership Vows

Programmes Overview