Unlocking and enhancing leadership potential and excellence in people and organisations.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 1st February 2011


Contact: Eugene Nwosu - available for interview.

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Optimal Leadership

Find the leader Within


Breakfast Briefing for those looking for the leader within.


Unlocking and enhancing leadership potential and excellence in people and organisations.


Prompted by the apparent need for more positive, strong and upright leaders in the current political arena, best selling author and coach, Eugene Nwosu, will hold a breakfast meeting on Optimal Leadership, Finding the Leader Within, on Thursday 10th February in the Dublin Chamber of Commerce building, 7 Clare St., Dublin 2.


At this briefing session, Eugene will outline some of the necessary skills and talents a leader should embrace, in order to make a positive impact on their lives and those they wish to lead. This briefing will give participants an optimal edge in their role as leaders.


Topics to be covered include:


The four cornerstones of leadership

Success and Problem Traits

Limits versus Limitation

Tension Relieving versus Goal Achieving



Success Roadblocks

Overcoming Fear

Basic goal elements


The Habits of Excellence

Expanding your Mission

Optimal steps for building a winning team


If our political leaders had developed some of these skills they would be in a better position to understand their role and lead their parties and the people they represent.


While it is not possible to create a leader at a one hour breakfast meeting, bestselling author Eugene Nwosu, does give a good grounding in what is required and expected of a good leader. Participants will get a good overview of skills necessary and where they should put their attention in order to progress in their role or mission.





WHAT:  Optimal Leadership - Find the leader Within. Breakfast Meeting.


WHO:  Eugene Nwosu, Optimal Edge.  


WHO it is for:  Leaders and prospective leaders in politics, corporate, organisations and communities.


WHEN:  Thursday, 10th February, 2011, 8.00 am.


WHERE:  Dublin Chamber of Commerce, 7 Clare Street, Dublin 2.


WHY:  To help potential leaders in all walk of life including, politics, industry and communities.


HOW much:  €30 which includes, one hour briefing, notes, tea and coffee.




Eugene Nwosu – Biography


Eugene Nwosu, best-selling author of two books in the new, exciting and holistic approach to human (capacity building) development and self-empowerment.  His international best-sellers in the field are: “Optimal Edge – Unlocking and Enhancing Leadership Potential and Excellence in People and Organisation;” and “Cut Your Own Firewood – The Ultimate Power to Succeed.”  


He is a trained accountant with over thirty years corporate (administrative and management) experience; trained and certified professional Life and Business Coach, Entrepreneur; and founder of Optimal Edge, Dublin Ireland, and Optimal Synergy (Nigeria) Limited.


He is a leading Nigerian in Diaspora with over 25 year’s exemplary and notable leadership in the Diaspora.  A Philanthropist – founder of SEED Foundation (Support for Enterprise and Empowerment Development, SEED), a registered and operational charity in Nigeria since 2004;  


He researched and developed the Optimal Edge Success Coaching System; and founder of the Optimal Edge Life and Business Coaching School in Nigeria, and the Life and Business Coaching Association of Nigerian.



For further information:

Eugene Nwosu - available for interview.


Optimal Edge

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Tel: +353 (0)87 7635 734

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