Unlocking and enhancing leadership potential and excellence in people and organisations.

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The Optimal Affirmation Tools to Programme, Connect, Harness and Tap from the Source of All Powers


(100%, no question, money back guaranteed)



Unleashed –

Powerful, Organic; and Holistic Formula


To Permanently

Reconnect, Achieve the Paradigm Shift to Positively Unlock and Enhance Your Inner Potentials for Leadership, Excellence, Wealth, Happiness, and Fulfilment in All Areas; (For the Rest of Your, Life!).


The complete, simple, practical, and highly powerful method to achieve


Wealth, richness, abundance, and fulfilment


Happiness, love, freedom and peace


Super-vibrant health – mentally, spiritually, physically, and


Astonishing success in all areas of your life


Time tested spiritual and philosophical teachings; and scientific research has authoritatively proven that:


“We become what we think about, most of the time;”


And as William James, rightly stated -  


“the greatest discovery by mankind is that we can alter our lives by altering our attitude of mind.”


The optimal affirmation tools is painstakingly researched, involving thirty years life’s work; and empirically anchored on spiritual, philosophical, and scientific truth that

“we create our thoughts, our thoughts create our intentions, and our intentions create our realities.”


William James

 Permanently clear the limiting beliefs that have inhibited and prevented your success for years


 Permanently resolve longstanding emotional problems inhibiting you


 Permanently eliminate stress in your life


 Permanently break any unwanted and undesirable habit


 Permanently focus on getting exactly what you deserve


 Permanently create an unstoppable flow of abundance in all areas of your life


 Permanently attract the unlimited abundance that you deserve


 Permanently achieve financial independence


 Permanently cultivate deep, meaningful relationships


 Permanently discover and live your true life purpose


 Permanently live life in your terms with confidence and complete freedom


 Permanently restore you to full and vibrant health and fitness

Imagine That You Have Within You All the Power To:

This Product Is For You -


Regardless of your current position or status –


You can always do better at whatever situation and condition you are now;


Whether you are high or low;


There must be some aspect of your life that

might need improving.  


(60 days, money back guarantee)



You will be amazed by the changes in all areas of

your life in 6o days or money back; with no question asked.


Hey! You and I know that nothing about how to be successful is a secret any more – there are much information out there now, in books, and on the internet, even my two bestselling books are amongst the numerous choices out there.  So it is not that you cannot find the information and ideas of how to be successful but the problem is harnessing and applying the principles, and sticking with it.  Only about 2% of human beings who know about how to access and obtain this information apply the principles, and did something with it.


My biggest challenge has been how to get the information to those who need it most and get them to implement it; and for over 19 years, i resolutely and diligently committed myself to this task; and have now created the most simplest, and very powerful and specific affirmation formula that can easily be applied and implemented by anyone at any time to harness and draw from the infinite source - the universal energy that is within; and unlock and unleash the optimal super-divine power of the subconscious for greater walth, riches, prosperity, happiness, joy, love, freedom, peace, great health, financial independent, financial freedom, power, wisdom, extraordinary success, and fulfilment.



You have got to try this free from any risk – you will achieve quite remarkable results within 60 days or your money back, guaranteed:  some of the changes you will observe are:


Take delight as you watch your emotional problems melt away


You will bypass all kinds of garbage and rubbish around you and harness and apply the infinite power of your super-divine subconscious and choose to live in peace, joy and happiness


Anger will disappear – those things that used to bother you; and trigger anger don’t annoy you anymore; you are able to snap out of it quickly; and you are no longer reactionary; because you have the optimal power from your super-divine subconscious to absorb, process and respond appropriately.  You now have compassion and empathy for people who used to annoy you.


You will become more creative, and more aware about how you lead and live your life


You will gain illumination and the composite discernment about everything around you – how you feel; how you behave; the people you attract


The meaning you give to everything that is happening in your life; to the degree you are aware of these things beomes a matter of choice.


The things that cause you to do things that don’t serve you will wither away


Once you have full control of your internal processing you become illuminated and super-aware; you gain the super-divine power of choice


The greatest power you can have is clarity of mind – getting rid of emotional baggage – and becoming the unique creative and purposeful human being


You will become a highly functioning, illuminated and enlightened mind-body-spiritual being; being propelled by the super-subconscious; powerful and intrinsic driven and operating from the inside-out paradigm.

Who I am


I am Eugene Nwosu, author of two bestselling books:


                    “Optimal Edge

                    – unlocking and enhancing leadership potential                      

                    and excellence inpeople and organisations


                    Cut your own Firewood

                    – the ultimate power to succeed.





My quest for spiritual, mental and physical emancipation and empowerment started from very humble background.


I struggled within poverty-stricken childhood and the traumatic and debilitating limiting effects up to my adulthood.  


I learned to move away from the past; and positively and optimistically soldiered on.  


I have reinvented myself several times over;


Moved away, honourably from toxic relationships, changed my area code, and embraced a more positive and supportive relationship; with loving family around me.


I have spent almost my entire life studying, learning and applying variety of religious, spiritual, philosophical, and scientific teachings.  


I have a huge appetite for holistic personal growth and leadership success programs.  


I studied, and still learning from the works of the past and present spiritual and philosophical masters.  


I trained as an accountant, worked for several years from administration, management, to corporate level.


In 1993, aged 35, i took a bold cause of action and retired into entrepreneurship; and to follow my passion.  


My flagship two bestsellers are sterling testimony to my commitment and dedication to human development; and unlocking and enhancing leadership potential in people and organisation.  


To support my effort I’ve had to engage in humbling and challenging enterprise, outside my comfort zone, as purveyor of people in order to proactively put into practice and test my physical, mental, and spiritual character and fortitude.  


I am happy, grateful, fulfilled and excited that i have gained wealth of knowledge and wisdom from engaging, interacting and exchange of energy whilst providing service to 100s of people, daily and actively researching, learning, and perfecting my craft; a proactive act that has culminated to this priceless matrix of organic optimal affirmation formula.

book-cutyourfirewood Optimal_Edge_book_100

This astonishing “secret behind the entire secret” will set you free …



“No great improvement in the lot of mankind is possible until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of their modes of thought.”


– John Stuart Mill

Right now, you have deep inside yourself an endless stream of intelligence, even genius that can be tapped if you’ll just dig deep enough ….it's infinite miracle and magic of your super-divine subconscious mind.


And, once you awaken it, "miracle and magic" starts to happen...


This intelligence was given to you at the moment you were born. But only a small number of individuals recognize this powerful secret and use it to its full and infinite potential. Now is your chance to stand among them.


After all, we did not come here to be ordinary. We did not travel this great distance to give up and lie down. We came here to be joyful; to realize your full and universal potential, and to live an extraordinary life.

“There is no passion to be found in playing small – settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

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Here’s where it get's even better…


I'm so positive, so sure, so unshakably confident that this information will change your life that i'm willing to let you try it risk free for a full 60 days.


Here's how it works


My absolutely can't fail you, unconditional, completely risk-free, no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee


Go ahead and order the optimal formula pack download all of the electronic manual with the work book manual as well as the bonuses and you will unlock  the door to your new life and unleash the unique, creative, and unstoppable super-divine-you.


If you're not absolutely convinced that it will change your life for the better and if it isn't everything I say it is and more, then i don't want you to pay for it. Just contact my support team and we'll send you a refund, no questions asked.


All the risk is now gone because i’m the one taking the chance here.



But wait…it gets even better than that….


To show you how truly serious I am about making this as valuable as possible, I’m also going to include this powerful bonus absolutely free as my gift to you:


€199.00 value: free download of one of the best inspirational and motivational audio recordings –

“The Ultimate Power to Succeed in the 21st Century” to support your optimal growth and development.



Taking Responsibility for Your Life - The Ultimate Power to Succeed in the 21st Century (Audio)


Common Sense Psychology (Audio) helping to make positive and significant difference in peoples' lives; sharing and showing how to: Activate and Positively Strengthen Your Belief System; Reshape and Discipline Your Psyche; Become more Positive, Open, and Broad-minded; Achieve Financial and Personal Success, and Happiness; Make Positive Choices; Look Ahead with Optimism; Set Fresh and Higher Goals; and Start Growing Again



Free (Priceless and Limitless):








Inspirational, motivational, and spiritual quotes


To constantly and positively uplift and aid your incremental

and progressive journey for mind-body-spiritual balance, equilibrium

and equanimity “success is a journey not a destination.”

















Monthly Newsletter


To encompass wisdom notes, positive articles,

uplifting and inspiring stories,

positive and motivational events,

useful links and resources, and lots more…!!!




You get over 25% discount in value to any one of my up-coming seminars – the highly inspiring, motivating, and spiritually uplifting experience – the optimal edge; unlocking and enhancing leadership potential and excellence in people and organisations seminars in Ireland (Europe), or Nigeria (Africa) – dates and venues to be announced.


100% risk-free

"no questions asked"

money back guarantee



My guarantee is simple...if the "optimal formula”

does not exceed your expectations within 60 days of using

them I'll give you 100% of your money back and still let you keep the entire formula for free!


You heard me correctly. This amazing optimal success formula really works. And i stand behind it 100%.


If you're not absolutely thrilled with the changes that happen in your life, just let me know and i'll give you a full refund with no questions asked.




But the entire formula is still yours to keep free forever.



There are no questions asked, no "wiggle clauses" and no funny business.



Either you love it or you get a refund and keep it free.


That's how confident i am that you will be totally and completely over the moon with this product!

Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?









So, click here and get your discounted copy of "optimal success formula"

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30 days from now, you can be a month older or you can be living

a much better life...


You might be sceptical and that is perfectly ok. In fact, that's normal.


Who would have ever believed that our subconscious mind controls everything that happens to us?



The bottom line is... It just happens!!



And, it will "just happen" for you today too, if you let it!


Grab this formula now , implement it, and then let me know about the dramatic and wonderful changes that suddenly start to happen in your life.


You can be using this formula in less than

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Don't delay your success any longer...

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Go On!  Live, Positively; With Love And Responsibility, Always!!!


With best wishes, always






Eugene N. Nwosu


Unlocking and Enhancing Leadership

Potential and Excellence in

People and Organizations


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Over 2 hours of audio, 54 tracks, full of positive motivational ideas to help you succeed.

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Now I’ve done my part.


I've put together a proven formula for gaining the optimal and infinite divine power  you need to succeed in all areas of life and not only brought it to you….but I made it so valuable that people from all over the world are jumping on the opportunity to own it and use it to transform their lives.


Will you join them?


Will you finally take the steps needed to create the life you want and deserve so you can look back and have no regrets?


Your Time Is Now. 


Your Moment Is Now.


Your Opportunity Is Now.


The Possibilities Are Endless!!!


All You Have To Do Is Seize It!!!


Remember, you only get one chance at life, make it the best you can.

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 These are very simple, high potency and powerful tools.


 It is not hypnotism; and


 You do not need to meditate like a monk; and


 You do not need to go into trance to achieve the

    quick and measurable results you deserve.


 No weird sound or music involved.


 No chanting for hours.  


 No incantation.  


 No drowsiness.


 No “hocus-pokus.”  


Just simple, full-set of powerful and strongly formatted affirmation tools which you will deliberately recite, memorise and plant into the garden of your super-divine-subconscious to create definitive positive paradigm shift in your sub consciousness; to trigger and cause the infinite intelligence of your super-divine subconscious to conspire and combine with the infinite universe to work with you in attracting and achieving wisdom, wealth, happiness, and fulfilment.


These simple and effective optimal affirmation techniques will unlock and unleash the greatest power of all – the divine super-power of the subconscious.  


You will have in your realm the illumination, enlightenment, wisdom and freedom to choose the causes and actions in your life.

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Imagine the possibilities…!!!


Imagine, just for a moment, what it would be like to have all the love, wealth, joy, happiness, peace and fulfilment that you truly deserve?


Whatever your biggest desire or dream is right now, you have the ability to realize it. It's truly within your reach...


It makes no difference how desperate your situation is now... Or how out of reach your goals may seem to you today... You're about to discover how you can finally break free from the restraints of your current life and finally start realizing your dreams...


In fact, the powerful optimal formula I’m about to show you is so simple and organic to implement, you'll be astonished at just how easily your life can transform to deliver a world full of new opportunities for you...


But, before we go into that… let me ask you this one important question:


Have you ever wondered why some people succeed so easily while others, often in the exact same circumstances, struggle and fail?


Successful people aren’t any smarter than anyone else.... They have simply learned how to use a special power within themselves to get whatever they want.... And you can too!

The_Secret_behind Guarantee_100_s

The optimal organic formula (the secret of the entire secret- law of attraction) offers you the following possibilities and more:


 You will easily see over 3 years worth of self growth happen within the next

   two or three months.


 Finally, you can have the life you truly desire and deserve...


 Here are just a few of the ways that the optimal success formula will accelerate

   and transform your life:


 You will start each day full of energy, stamina, power and good humour.


 You become a “prosperity-magnet” for attracting wealth, success,

   happiness and fulfilment in your life… the signals for wealth and material

   success start to magnify!


 Barriers to your success suddenly drop away… those things that seemed

   too difficult and complicated before start to happen naturally for you!


 You can easily find the lover of your dreams, or transform your present

   relationship to unimagined heights!


 You become happier and smile more, because you now experience more joy,

   love, and happiness in every area of your life!


 You become more dynamic, exciting and fun-to-be-around human being…

   you social magnetism will amaze you!


 New opportunities will begin to appear for you where none existed before…

   several options available for you to choose from:  yes! A great position to be in!!!


 Your confidence will be improved to greater heights!


 You will, permanently eliminate fear, laziness, procrastination, self-doubt…

   and replace it with newly empowered strong belief in yourself!


 Good ideas will start to flow freely to you… you’ll literally get an avalanche

   of “sure-banker” brilliant new ideas!


 You will have a level of control over your life like you’ve never before



 You will boost your mental clarity, concentration, intuition and focus!


 Your enthusiasm and motivation will skyrocket to exciting new levels!


 You will unlock your super-divine-subconscious mind to attract love,

   wealth, joy, happiness, and fulfilment in all areas of your life!


 And so much more…!!!



I know the information that i have here is extremely valuable. But i also know that since my main and optimal goal is to get it in the hands of as many people as possible, i have to make it extra valuable and make it so that everyone can afford it.


Which is why I’m offering you the opportunity to own the optimal formula; valued €1,229.00:  today’s price – only €59.50?

Some comments about Eugene Nwosu's previous work:







“Sparking the will to succeed - a guide to positive thinking...”

The Irish Times







“Perhaps more than many would-be gurus, Eugene is living testimony to the power of his own philosophy - that positive thinking can change our lives for the better.”

Books Ireland







“...A very useful distillation of the key concepts and associated programmes for self-development.”

Terry Sadler, ANP international Finance







“Tapping Nature's Abundant Energy” ... “Nwosu has... supported the assertion that nothing is impossible under the sun. So let those who want to achieve get a copy of his book as a good companion”

THISDAY Newspaper

By Nwauzor Chedozie







“A very dynamic and comprehensive book... It is quite the best self help /motivational book I have seen. An inspired work in many ways”

Kate Davis







“A powerful and successful set of instructions for everyone who wants to make more of their lives”

Graham Almond







“Tale of success - the extraordinary faith and self belief which are the distinguishing characteristics of success"

Examiner Newspapers







“ excellent aid for people to manifest their purpose in life and assist others to do likewise.”

Brendan J. Dalton

International Irish Success Network







“...A strong message for a wide audience”

Michael F Bradley

Ulster Bank












“This is the best book I have come across.”

Michael Kelly, Roscommon







“I read your book "Cut Your Own Firewood" at the library, and then spent five years tracking down my own copy. It had a transformational effect on me at a time when I had many challenges to overcome. Though I don't often keep books after I have read them, I have carried your book with me through many moves. Thank you!”

Jessica Coleman, CA, U.S.A.



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Coaching notes and resources (worth tons of dollars):  to re-enforce, guide, and support your optimal growth and development.

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